Ubuntu Hub

South Africa

About the venue

The venue is located in Braamfontein, Johannesburg the epicenter of youth activities, surrounded by restaurants, high schools, colleges and universities including recreational centers. It is  10 minutes away from the Central District Business. Makerspace fits very well within the area because they are a lot of activities taking place that the youth relate to, such as upcycle bike fixing, market days, arts and bike rides at Mangrove and environmental organizations that are surrounding the area such as 350.org, Erathlife and WWF.

Opening Hours

Mon – Thu
9AM – 5PM
Sat – Sun
Per request


163 Smit Street

Braamfontein, Johannesburg

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Our space:

These are some of the things we have to offer in our space:

  • Bookable space for meetings and other activities;
  • Media room with mics to record podcasts;
  • Television for movie nights;
  • Outdoor space to relax and a quiet room for prayers;
  • Banner making and board games;
  • Capacity building workshops according to youth requirements.

About the city

Braamfontein Johannesburg is central to all the townships and is a few minutes away from the Central Business District. Transport is easily accessible to all the areas in around the Province. It is the epicenter of youth activities and connected to environment organizations. The city has environmental activities running through the year.

August Maluka Local Coordinator amaluka@greenpeace.org