Ubunifu Hub

Nairobi, Kenya

About the venue

Ubunifu hub is a free and fun open youth space in Nairobi where young people can share skills, receive training, hold meetings, workshops and brainstorm about climate justice. The space provides a platform for Kenyan youth from diverse social backgrounds to expand their knowledge, birth ideas and actualise them on paper, wall, art, soil, you name it!

Opening hours

Mon – Thu
9AM – 3PM
9AM – 1PM
Sat – Sun


Cedar Court
Garden Estate
Nairobi, Kenya

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Join us next week on Thursday, 2nd February, 2023 at River Gatharaine, Claycity as we celebrate World Wetlands Day. Bring a friend or two!

RSVP 👉 James Kamanu - 0721433865 or Gerance Mutwol - 0708028390! 

See you there! 💚

Join us in our space this Sunday 29/01 from 10:00am as we take time to check in with ourselves and offer a shoulder to lean on 🫂

RSVP @shiriki254 link in bio

Reach out to Gerance, our space manager to book our space for your next meeting/event etc.
 📩 gmutwol@greenpeace.org


Join us next week on Thursday, 2nd February, 2023 at River Gatharaine, Githurai as we celebrate World Wetlands Day. It's time to restore our wetlands! 

RSVP 👉 James Kamanu - 0721433865 or Gerance Mutwol - 0708028390! 

See you there! 💚
Here’s to a year that’s intentional, grounded in social + climate justice for all! 💚✨

#happynewyear #youthengagement #climatejustice #socialjustice
We’re grateful to everyone we interacted with in our space in 2022 through our free offers!

We couldn’t have achieved these milestones without YOU! We’re looking forward to January to reflect on our impact this year.  YOU are an amazing community, Asante!

#youthengagement #africa #climatejustice #socialjustice
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2 garlic cloves
1 teaspoon crushed ginger
2 medium onions
Salt and black pepper to taste 
Canned tomatoes 
1 cup pre-boiled peas (other fillings of your choice)
1 cup finely diced mushrooms
2 large bell peppers

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Our space:

Our venue is 250m2 5 roomed-maisonette, consisting of:

  • Training room – where training, workshops, meetings happen
  • Art area – where making happens. I.e. design and making of banners, drawings, art and crafts, painting etc.
  • Kitchen, tea and coffee prepared
  • Silent room: a safe space where young mothers who come with their kids can rest, feed, change nappies etc, this is also used as a prayer/yoga room.
  • Warehouse: this is where we keep training materials, paints, books, pens and other materials for the space as well as a media centre in case interviews are done.

About the city

Nairobi is a fast growing city economically, where the people are entrepreneurial and like to try new things. There is good democratic space and a broad commitment with students and young people in informal settlements – but they lack a common meeting place where they can break down class differences and cooperate. Nairobi has extensive experience of makerspaces with currently 10+ spaces operating in the city, but none of them are climate related. Kenya is ranked top in matters of tech savvy use by young people, which made it a good fit for trying out digital and global activism.


Gerance Mutwol Ubunifu Hub Youth Team Lead gmutwol@greenpeace.org +254 708028390