Ubunifu Hub

Nairobi, Kenya

About the venue

Ubunifu hub is a free and fun open youth space in Nairobi where young people can share skills, receive training, hold meetings, workshops and brainstorm about climate justice. The space provides a platform for Kenyan youth from diverse social backgrounds to expand their knowledge, birth ideas and actualise them on paper, wall, art, soil, you name it!

Opening hours

Mon – Thu
9AM – 3PM
9AM – 1PM
Sat – Sun


Cedar Court
Garden Estate
Nairobi, Kenya

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Our space:

Our venue is 250m2 5 roomed-maisonette, consisting of:

  • Training room – where training, workshops, meetings happen
  • Art area – where making happens. I.e. design and making of banners, drawings, art and crafts, painting etc.
  • Kitchen, tea and coffee prepared
  • Silent room: a safe space where young mothers who come with their kids can rest, feed, change nappies etc, this is also used as a prayer/yoga room.
  • Warehouse: this is where we keep training materials, paints, books, pens and other materials for the space as well as a media centre in case interviews are done.

About the city

Nairobi is a fast growing city economically, where the people are entrepreneurial and like to try new things. There is good democratic space and a broad commitment with students and young people in informal settlements – but they lack a common meeting place where they can break down class differences and cooperate. Nairobi has extensive experience of makerspaces with currently 10+ spaces operating in the city, but none of them are climate related. Kenya is ranked top in matters of tech savvy use by young people, which made it a good fit for trying out digital and global activism.


Rose Muganda Local Coordinator rmuganda@greenpeace.org