Mboa Hub


About the venue

Mboa Hub is in Yaounde III subdivision, in the Obili neighborhood, a neighborhood situated between Ngoa Ekele and Biyem Assi. They constitute the most populated area of Yaounde, having the majority of youths attending university, medical schools, higher Institutions, and several secondary and primary schools. People speak both English and French and there is a major informal settlement, including school dropouts, IDPs. 

Opening hours

10:00 – 16:00
Upon Request


Rue 3.454, Montée Chapelle Obili
PB 35453 Yaoundé
Yaoundé, Cameroon

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Our Space

  • A conference room for training, workshops, meetings;
  • A co-working space;
  • A kitchen for tea and coffee;
  • A warehouse to keep training materials, paints, books, pens and other materials for the space as well as a media center in case interviews are done;
  • Outdoor space to organize outdoor events and relax.

About the city

With a population of over 4 million, Yaounde is Cameroon’s Capital City and is the second-largest city after the economic capital Douala. Yaounde is a crossroads between the northern and southern regions of the country and hosts several youth lead groups. French and English are the main languages.

Andoh H. Rex Local Coordinator arex@greenpeace.org