Stockholm, Sweden

About the venue

Momentum is a meeting place for young people 15-25 years old that engaged in climate and environment. It is a space for them to create, re-make, hold their own workshops, seminars and events surrounding the issues they are passionate about. Our users describe it as “a mix between a cozy living room and a workshop which provides a lot of inspiration for creation”. It is an open and safe space where all youths from all backgrounds, genders and religions are welcome. It is managed by 5 youth leaders that are positive and welcoming to help you feel at home, boost your creativity and support the implementation of your ideas.

Opening hours

Thu – Sun


Fryshusets Gymnasium
Mårtensdalsgatan 4, Stockholm

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💚💚 Vi är otroligt stolt över en av våra ungdomsledare, @esmeraldasjogren , som vars hårda jobb tillsammans med sina styrelsekollegor i den ungdomsdrivna organisationen @auroramalet nu resulterat i att man nu tar upp stämningen mot staten i Nacka tingsrätt. Stämningen handlar om att staten inte behandlar klimatkrisen som en klimatkris!

📣 Aurora anser att barn och unga deras rätt till liv, hälsa och utveckling (som garanteras till dem av Europakonventionens artiklar 2, 3, 8, 14 och artikel 1 i första tilläggsprotokollet) äventyras. Ungdomarna i Aurora håller staten ansvarig för det bristande klimatarbetet och avser genom en domstolsprocess säkerställa att staten respekterar mänskliga rättigheter.

🌍 Vi på @momentum.hub stödjer helhjärtat ungdomars miljö och klimatengagemang och är stolta över att erbjuda en trygg plats på @fryshusetsthlm . Där kan unga under 25 år mötas, skapa, utbyta idéer och ha kul varje måndag-onsdag 16.00-20.00. 

🎥 Esmeralda och Anton deltog i ett inslag den 21 mars i Aktuellt (SVT), som spelades in hos oss, se kort klipp nedan.

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Our space

Momentum is filled with materials to do various activities with. We have a ramp for wheelchairs and there are no thresholds from the main entrance to us. Our space consists of:

  • a main room with tables and chairs, a projector for movie nights and presentations,
  • Fryshuset Foajé – a big, open space for everyone where events can be held,
  • a basketball court arena, which is used for large concerts,
  • Klubben, which is also used for events and concerts,
  • a foyer at the main entrance which has a stage and popular for smaller events,
  • always free coffee, tea and vegan snacks,
  • free wifi, laptops and all adapters you need (HDMI, USB-C, for iphone), speaker that can connect through Bluetooth, camera and microphones,
  • materials: lots of paint, fabric, markers, yarn, tapestry, cardboard, clothes, tools for screen-printing, pearls, papers, watercolors, wires, brushes of all sizes, needles, threads, pots, books, many boardgames and much more. Anything you miss? Let us know!

About the city

Stockholm is the birthplace of the Fridays for Future movement as well as other active youth organizations and groups within the environmental and climate movement. The youth movement for climate action has been growing steadily in the last few years through various initiatives, demonstrations and strikes,, but has been lacking a well-needed physical meeting place. Ever since the first award for the sustainable city of the year in Europe went to Stockholm in 2010, the city has a reputation of being in the forefront of environmental awareness.


Olivia Forsberg Momentum Community Manager +46760010836