Bolygó – a Community Space for Youth in Hungary

As a young person, I see and feel every day that we are surrounded by environmental problems, yet I feel that I am alone among the ecological problems that affect everyone. Every difficulty or crisis affecting nature and society can be solved together, by joint action and cooperation, and for this we need communities that explore the roots of the problems from a scientific point of view, and that are open for everyone.

I found Bolygó community space with these thoughts in my head. At Bolygó the answers to the environmental and social problems of the 21st century are sought through the discovery of the root causes of the issues. Here, with the help of recognized specialists in a wide range of sciences, you can get to understand the human-caused environmental and social problems, and with the help of the enthusiastic staff members, you can not only make conscious changes in your everyday life, but you can also act for a better future. For me, Bolygó is an ideal space for action!

I participated in a podcast production training jointly organized by Greenpeace and Bolygó. The purpose of the training was to give young people a voice in environmental protection. The podcast is an excellent genre for exploring and discussing questions and answers, and due to the informal nature of the genre it is possible to talk about an almost inexhaustible range of topics related to environmental protection. Every minute of the training was practice-oriented, and together with the other participants we solved the tasks, which weren’t really tasks, rather we worked for a common goal together, which resulted in an interview and a podcast at the end of the training.

We were able to learn from Hungary’s professionally recognized media personalities in a friendly atmosphere, learning a lot of useful tips. At Bolygó, it was easy to get to know each other and learn the theoretical and practical foundations of podcast making, because in addition to the inspiring space (chill corner and tea making), we found helpful wings with the enthusiastic people working here. I was a little nervous about what to expect about the training, but the nervousness turned into excitement right from the beginning! Joint planning and thinking, good vibes, meaningful breaks and professional technical conditions characterized the two-day training.

We even had the opportunity to express and clash opinions that are usually hidden deeper in the person, which for me was a unique experience. I think that the message and purpose of Bolygó is authentic and future oriented. I think it is one of the best places if you want to do something for the environment and your fellow humans!

Bolygó will open the door for you if you are still sitting in the room of climate anxiety! I wholeheartedly recommend the programs and courses organized by them to all young people!

Written by David Schmidt, a young member of Bolygó, Budapest Hungary