Finding Community and Empowerment: My Journey with Bolygó

I have always been interested in environmental issues, but I’ve never had a community where I could freely share my thoughts, connect with people, brainstorm ideas and projects, and participate in initiatives.

During Covid, my motivation hit an all-time low. I felt stuck, and I even stopped trying to discuss green issues with the people around me.

In the summer of 2023, I met Bolygó at a festival, and after that, I started participating in some events. What I love about Bolygó is that I found a community where I don’t feel alone, where I feel inspired to think about new ideas and projects. Before, I always felt that unless I’m an expert in something, I can’t raise my voice, have a debate, or act upon a certain topic. At Bolygó, I found a community that welcomes different points of view, provides space to share thoughts and accept our differences, and I feel really empowered by that.

I joined the Bolygó Club training program to gain deeper knowledge and also participated in the youth exchange program organized by Planet One in Stockholm, which was truly an out-of-this-world experience. I felt that everyone had so much trust in me on these programs, which encouraged me to believe in myself and believe that I can take action.

During the exchange program, I got to know a Hungarian FFF member, and she told me a lot about their operation and the projects they do. I became really interested and decided to join them to organize an exhibition at Bolygó about how cities are so disconnected from nature. Since then, I’ve been actively involved in planning and realizing the project. I also got to know Mesi during the exchange program, and we’re organizing an art therapy workshop for climate anxiety together at Bolygó in April.

Lili Szabó, active Bolygó member & attendee, Budapest, Hungary